Aux Champs-Elysses (without accents)


Went out in Antibes last Sunday. The only open place was showing a porn movie as we entered the door, and the only two females in the place was the bartender and the hooker.

Been waiting for internet and hot water all week. Hot water has come and gone, but the guys coming with the internet decided they didn’t need to work this week.

Went to Paris the other day. It was a decent place. Met a happy girl.

Found a coat for 530€, but I missed my opportunity to buy it. :( I’m still reminising what could have been with that coat.


On y va!


Four days late we finally moved into our new appartment. The owner made sure we were able to mantle IKEA-furniture and then left for Paris.

There we were, quite excited about having a place when we discovered that we had no screwdriver to put the beds together. Fortunately, mine was already mounted, so I didn’t care and went to bed.

We didn’t have a working shower yet, but that didn’t matter, cause there was no hot water. And there were no door handles on the doors to the bathroom anyway.

When we arrived, we saw that there was an oven here, and we celebrated like crazy in our minds. It soon turned out that we should’ve asked for a working oven, instead of just an oven, because it didn’t work.

I really like going to the boulangerie in the morning to get fresh bread. They even have a boulangerie with proper bread.

I found redcurrant gelly in the store, it wasn’t as good as the one I make at home. I cut my hair, the people in the hair salon spoke English, fortunately.

Took a bath in the sea today. :)

We ordered some internet, it will be here in not more than two weeks I hope.


Je jette mes mains en l'air parfois


Feeling the hard, cold floor I’ve been sleeping on the last three nights, I was standing outside my, according to the landlord, ready to be moved into appartment.

Alas, our moving in wasn’t meant to be today either. Let’s hope it’s before the holidays next week.


Pluie Novembre


Apparently they’re not used to rain in these parts of France. It’s been raining off and on for 4 days, and the school’s roof is leaking from numerous spots in the roof and windows.

Tried to cut a baguette yesterday, it ended up with me managing to cut through my nail. Kudos.

Our landlord is postponing our moving in even more, the current move in-date is tomorrow, 3rd of November instead of 31st of October. I’m currently sleeping on a friend’s floor.

I’m lazy, haven’t got my hair cut since July.

I’m lazy, can’t be bothered to write anymore.


Sur le pont


Was in Avignon this weekend, visiting this happy friend of mine.

En route from Avignon to Antibes, convinced that I was now a seasoned traveller, well adversed in the French railway-system, I took a brief look at the screen informing me of departures. I bought The Economist and sat down waiting for the train. As time went by, passing the point of departure with no train emerging I still wasn’t worried. Ten minutes past a train coming from, instead of going to Nice arrived and desperation filled my body. I asked a fellow seasoned traveller if what was happening, and he kindly pointed out to me that I’d looked at the arrival screen instead of the departure screen.

Two hours later I stepped onto the next train with a thouroghly read The Economist in my hands, again trying to come across as one of these experienced TGV-users. The embarrasment I still felt must have been apparent though.

I was supposed to move into my new appartment today. However, the landlords called in the last minute, postponing the moving in to Tuesday. This certainly doesn’t make me less convinced that they are scamming us. My room mates aren’t quite as convinced as me though, so I will try maintaining a positive front.

As a result of the moving in-postphoning, I’m officially homeless for the next couple of days. Guess I can sleep at day and walk around hunting boars at night.

Writing this while sitting on the train supposed to arrive Antibes in fifteen minutes, the train suddenly stops and a nice woman is informing us on the speakers that there is a tree blocking the lines, and that we will be at least one hour late.

The last bus to Sophia Antipolis has already left, so I have to find another means of transport to get ‘home’ and move my last stuff from CIV to my numerous lockers at school.


Distribution des clés avec un serveur de clés


Sitting in class, surfing the internet and somehow following the lecture I come to understand that I had this class before also. Kinda boring and trivial this class, but still I won’t get an A, just because I don’t care enough.

I have an incredible amount of energy today, and as a result of the class being so boring I jump up and down, try standing on my hands and doing rolling around on the floor in the pause. I think my attention deficite disorder is kicking in. Where’s my ritalin?

All around Antibes, there are copies of paintings of the above scenery, painted by miscellaneous painters. The list of painters include Picasso, Monet and Delacroix(or something). Kinda cool, and there’s a Picasso museum right next to where I’m moving, and I think I’ll actually visit it.

Needham-Schroeder could be more fun.


Secouez comme une photo Polaroid


Once upon a time there was this guy named Anders Emil. He was living in Antibes, France, wearing shorts every day even though October was slowly becoming November and his friends back in Norway already had seen the first snow of the winter.

Don’t get me wrong, I still like skiing, but I prefer doing that in the Alps, only 1,5 hours from here.

Raided the local sports stores the other day. There was this mountain specialist-store not far from where I live with all you can imagine of cool stuff. This store, together with Decathlon, the XXL of France, is responsible for me spending over 300€ on sports equipment since coming here. It’s all their fault!

There’s a family of wild boars living next to the school. If you don’t know what wild boars are, I suggest you read up on Asterix and Obelix. Almost every night when I go home from school I meet them at the school entrance. I’m almost not scared of them anymore.

Eurecom is way more like an “høyskole” than NTNU. We’re doing hands-on stuff all the time instead of diving into theory. It fits me so much better, but I don’t see how NTNU can advocate this school.

Had my first french class the other day. I excelled so much that the teacher immediately bumped me to the next level.

Still can’t play football. :S


Je préfère la danse que de parler de vous


On my way to school today I saw eight wild strawberries. They might have been a little well matured though.

I’m getting old. Was going to play football the other day but the first step on the field gave me one hell of a muscle pull in the groin. I’m stilling walking round like a cripple reminding myself to warm up properly the next time. Yeah, right!

We have a class called Personal Developement at school. Yesterday we took a personality test. Apparantly I’m energised by my inner world, an introvert.

I was at a party yesterday. In good old tradition I started drinking in the computer lab at school long before going to the party. This, combined with the free alcohol at the party, caused me to dance wildly and uncontrollably. Scary!


Celui qui la regarde, trouve


I must admit I’ve had better times then when I had to give up my search for a Subway restaurant in Antibes. There’s just no replacement for a good subway when you’re feeling a slight hunger inbetween meals.

Then, on my way to school today I took a little different route, and what do you think was shining in all it’s holy glory there in front of me, just 2 minutes from school? That’s right, a Subway. Two 30 inch subs later, I walked a happy man out of there, planning to go back for dinner.

I joined the Eurecom football team this week. There’s me, some French guys, an Italian and an indian. While playing I was complaining to myself about the poor quality of the artificial grass on the field. Then, the Indian guy suddenly started praising how good the field was compared to his dirt field back home. Made me feel a little spoiled, but what the hell, I’m Norwegian.

Found an appartment in Antibes with a view of the mediterranen sea, moving there in November. Life could be worse.


Voulez-vous aller du côté de la mer?


After an administrative first week of school, it was time for the long awaited WEI, Weekend of Integration with my new classmates. I forgot to bring my camera, but no worries; just google teambuilding and you’ll see excactly what we did.

Actually, we had time for a couple of beers also.

Monday, time for the first technical lecture. The subject was called Netw_1 and was mandatory for me. I’m pretty sure that the entire lesson was a transcript of our first lesson in TTM4100, KTN.

I had my second mandatory lesson today, Software Developement. The curriculum was basically “learn linux and python.”

If this curriculum redundancy keeps up, I can look forward to another year in 4th grade, and another year abroad. Definitely gonna take that year in the sunshine state with Dr. Dre.

Gonna play football tomorrow, as part of an actual team. I’m like a little child looking forward to it.