J'ai trouvé un endroit pour vivre


I’ve found a place to live. At least a place with a roof over my head.

The name of the place is Centre Internationale de Valbonne, and is just what you expect it to be. A place with a heigher percentage of foreigners than Ellis Island in the beginning of the 1900s and accomodation reminding me suspiciously of the barracks in the army.

When I asked the cleaning ladies for the direction to the room, and showed them my number, they started to yell: “Pas bon, pas bon!” looking at me with pity. The room is 12 square metres big, cold, smells and the showers and toilets are gathered at the end of the hallway. People are constantly walking outside my window. There’s no cooking facilities what-so-ever. The place is 12 kilometres from centre ville Antibes, and there’s almost no buses to the city in the weekends.

On the other hand, the place is close to school, it has a swimming pool, tennis courts, a stadium and a cinema. I get a breakfast buffet every day, dinner every night, and lunch in the weekends. I can also move out whenever I want to, although the price might be a little higher if I choose to leave.

Apparantly, all in all I’m quite content with moving here.