Au revoir, Hyeres.


After a month trying to learn French in Hyeres I left my host family after doing the famous ‘faire la bise,’ where you kiss out in the air(at least I did) on each of the other person’s cheaks, and tried to console the little girl in the family who didn’t want me to go.

Then I took the train towards easier studies in Antibes.

I arrived in town with two backpacks more then when I came to Hyeres, and quickly decided to get a cab for all my things. The taxidriver was very sceptical when he saw my bike, but we succeeded in pressing it all in, and soon I found myself at a white trash, trailer park-kinda motel in the outskirts of Antibes.

Having no internet in the piece of shit place I stayed, I found my way to school to try and get some free internet. When that didn’t work, I went to town to find some internets.

That took some time, because my eyes were drawn towards Roman Abramovitch’s and his likes boats in the port of Antibes. After that I found a beach and went to sleep there for some hours.

After that I had to put out a fire in a palm with all the water in my backpack. I know, I’m a hero, but I don’t want to talk about it.

Some kids were proud of their pyromanic activities.

Now I’m on the internet.