Trop chaud!


It is considerably warmer here than is good for a healthy 24 year old. Just walking steadily from my desk to the kitchen will break out a sweat, and I am forced to not training because doing so would make me dehydrated in an hour.

This heat started with the arrival of my sister. The evening of here arrival and those before that had perfect temperatures, allowing shorts and t-shirts but not making the sweat run like a flood on my skin. The following evening it was 25 degrees at 11pm.

Despite the killing heat, we did have some fun. Thomas and Helle were also in the area, I’d already had some great evenings with them withouth my sister, and on the Saturday we joined them in Canyon Forest. Canyon Forest is basically a place where you climb and throw yourself between trees.

We did go a lot to the beach, something that might have given me an unmistakable tanline, and we also went to see Monaco and Robert De Niro.

The end.