Est-ce que vous avez des bierre?


Yesterday I told everybody that Roman Abramovich’s boat was docked at the local port. I was wrong, instead it was the above boat; Katara, at only 124 metres (408’14’’) compared to Romans 170 metres, and with only one heliport as opposed to the two on the Russian’s.

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I exaggerate to make a story sound more impressing. Sometimes I make statements I’m not completely sure about just to make people think I’m right.

99% of the time I am right, though.

I could justify yesterdays lie with the fact that my head hurt so much after the preceding night’s drinking escapades that I wanted to cry.

I could justify it with a self-confidence that needs boosting.

I could choose not to justify it at all.

Been trying to do some Christmas shopping, but in the end I had to face the reality that is that I am physically unable to do Christmas shopping before the 23rd of December. If nothing else that shows that I’m a real man. Whooya!