C'est la vie


We went to see Tangled today. It was by far the best 3d movie I’ve ever seen, not that says much seeing as Avatar was the only other I saw.

We had a weekend in the Alps this weekend. 15 hours out of the 47 hours we were gone was spent in the bus, 16 was spent sleeping, so we had some good 15 hours of fun. There even were some snow on top of all the ice in some parts of the slopes.

Currently hanging up some laundry. It must be the single most boring thing ever, right after watching Avatar maybe. Somewhere in the back of my head I think I hear something about efficiency making the job less boring. I refuse to believe that. My way of hanging up laundry is to hang up one piece, then check face, hang up one piece, check face.. And so it goes.

Christmas is knocking on the door, and I can’t wait to leave this rotten country.