Nous sommes arrivés à la danse


Met a Norwegian couple from Grimstad at the grocery store today. The world is small etc, etc.

Been waiting for our amazing internet box for two weeks now. Today we got a message that it had arrived at the store. The man at the store said he never saw anyone picking up the box so fast after it arrived there.

Went to an Italian party yesterday. We got lots of Italian food, that wasn’t wrong. Going home from the party I tried to find a bus, but a pirate taxi got there before the bus, so I gladly used 30€ instead of 1,7€ to get home a little earlier.

Supposed to make brownies, but the only thing I have to stir the eggs and sugar is a fork. Not sure how good that is.

I’ve begun my ‘too cool for school’-period. Pretty smart. Hope it doesn’t last too long.