Little Christmas day


For some reason, I decided to check youth ticket prices from Trondheim to Kristiansand. From my experience, SAS’ youth tickets aren’t really that cheap, but this time I was in luck; the prices were the same as for the train ticket that I’d already bought one month earlier.

A quick call to NSB to cancel my ticket was followed by a quick online transaction to SAS. This ticket brought with it a number of advantages, the best of these being that time of departure moved from 8:30 to 12:40, giving me the possibility to take a full night out.

I don’t really remember coming home from this night out. Things I must have done, at least based on what I noticed in the morning, includes: undressing like usual, covering myself with the cover and .. eh. That’s it. The list of things I didn’t do obviously iincludes brushing my teeth and setting the alarm clock for my 12:40 flight (as previously mentioned).

Well, I made the flight, in good time even. Who would’ve thought? My body unshowered and smelling bad, but who cares?

When flying home, I saw Sandstø from the air. That was pretty cool.

I was tired when I came home, so I decided to rest around 8 pm. That rest culminated in sleep, which again lead to me waking up at 3 am, not managing to sleep again before 8:30.

Waking up at 11, eating, getting firewood, joining my dad in a gift trip to Grimstad, buying presents and visiting Jean at the nursing home before again coming home to Sandstø for some traditional little Christmas day-grøt, dressing up the tree and some website programming.

I’m glad to be home, but can’t wait to see Dorotea again.