Des problems avec d'intégrité en cles publiques


But there is a solution. If you use authentication trees or public-key certification, you can be sure of the integrity. Perfect.

As the catholic priest said to the pig farmer: “Are these as tight as choir boys?”

Still, there’s no solution to the imminent problem of exams. Let’s just hope to god there’s a flood or something on it’s way, closing down the school for the exam period, forcing them to to pass us in every cource based on attendance. Whooopsie, that won’t help for me.

The sun is awesome today. Too bad I’m ginger and can’t go out.

I payed 1,70 worth of groceries today using only 1, 2 and 5 cents. Also, I payed the rent speaking only French. “Je veux payer mille-deux-soixante-dix pour la!” and showed the bank cashier the banking details of my landlord. According to Google Translate, this means “I want to pay seventy thousand two,” but I will trust my own French over GT.

She understood me, and obviously thought I was good at French, because she started rambling on about something. I didn’t understand, and I certainly didn’t care enough to try and understand her. I’m pretty sure I payed the correct amount in the end.

And in other news: I need a rolling pin.

Merci, au revoir, bon journee.