Did you know that 48% of Facebook users between 18 and 35 check Facebook first thing in the morning? True story!

I am pretty sure I’m in that group. Most probably I haven’t gone one morning in 2011 where I had my first bite of breakfast before checking Facebook. Sad.

I took the bike to Monte Carlo the other day. When I arrived, I immediately ordered some lasagne. 50 minutes later, I still hadn’t gotten anything more than my drink, so I prepared to complain. The waiter didn’t speak English, I didn’t speak French, so I was unable to communicate my displeasure. From what I understood, he was still under the impression that all I ever ordered was a coke.

After I kicked him in the balls, kneed him in the nose and fried his face in the deep fryer he started to understand that he shouldn’t have fucked with a hungry man thinking he was gonna get lasagne. I left the place, not looking back at the explosions from the fire I started.

Exams are closing in.