On y va!


Four days late we finally moved into our new appartment. The owner made sure we were able to mantle IKEA-furniture and then left for Paris.

There we were, quite excited about having a place when we discovered that we had no screwdriver to put the beds together. Fortunately, mine was already mounted, so I didn’t care and went to bed.

We didn’t have a working shower yet, but that didn’t matter, cause there was no hot water. And there were no door handles on the doors to the bathroom anyway.

When we arrived, we saw that there was an oven here, and we celebrated like crazy in our minds. It soon turned out that we should’ve asked for a working oven, instead of just an oven, because it didn’t work.

I really like going to the boulangerie in the morning to get fresh bread. They even have a boulangerie with proper bread.

I found redcurrant gelly in the store, it wasn’t as good as the one I make at home. I cut my hair, the people in the hair salon spoke English, fortunately.

Took a bath in the sea today. :)

We ordered some internet, it will be here in not more than two weeks I hope.