Secouez comme une photo Polaroid


Once upon a time there was this guy named Anders Emil. He was living in Antibes, France, wearing shorts every day even though October was slowly becoming November and his friends back in Norway already had seen the first snow of the winter.

Don’t get me wrong, I still like skiing, but I prefer doing that in the Alps, only 1,5 hours from here.

Raided the local sports stores the other day. There was this mountain specialist-store not far from where I live with all you can imagine of cool stuff. This store, together with Decathlon, the XXL of France, is responsible for me spending over 300€ on sports equipment since coming here. It’s all their fault!

There’s a family of wild boars living next to the school. If you don’t know what wild boars are, I suggest you read up on Asterix and Obelix. Almost every night when I go home from school I meet them at the school entrance. I’m almost not scared of them anymore.

Eurecom is way more like an “høyskole” than NTNU. We’re doing hands-on stuff all the time instead of diving into theory. It fits me so much better, but I don’t see how NTNU can advocate this school.

Had my first french class the other day. I excelled so much that the teacher immediately bumped me to the next level.

Still can’t play football. :S