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Sitting in class, surfing the internet and somehow following the lecture I come to understand that I had this class before also. Kinda boring and trivial this class, but still I won’t get an A, just because I don’t care enough.

I have an incredible amount of energy today, and as a result of the class being so boring I jump up and down, try standing on my hands and doing rolling around on the floor in the pause. I think my attention deficite disorder is kicking in. Where’s my ritalin?

All around Antibes, there are copies of paintings of the above scenery, painted by miscellaneous painters. The list of painters include Picasso, Monet and Delacroix(or something). Kinda cool, and there’s a Picasso museum right next to where I’m moving, and I think I’ll actually visit it.

Needham-Schroeder could be more fun.